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Mani of The Day / Colors I can’t Really Identify

Hello blog people!

Yes I call you like that in my personal life. But  why not ? I like it.  So todays manicure is one of my usual designs. They are not actually “designs” maybe I should say “combination” instead of design.



I love this Flormar Full Color series because they are actually opaque at one coat of nail polish almost with every color .

You may also find out more about my love of Barielle by the link up there.

PS: I started a new blog about gluten & toxic free life. It will include my diagnosis process , cooking, allergies ( tons of ) , my phobia of leaving the house, toxic free beauty and health issues !

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What You Should Spend Your Money On? / Nail Art & Nail Care Essentials / Spend Less For More

I am sure sometimes you just look at the screen and ask ; “How am I supposed to afford all that s*it you use?”. They use thousand products from thousand brands. Well, you are not alone my friend. I am currently living in Istanbul. 1 American Dollar is almost equal to 4 Turkish Liras. So when I buy a 20 Dollar item, it creates an 80 Turkish Liras hole in my wallet. And, International Shipping ( in this case shopping) Laws about liquids are very precise in Turkey. That means hell for a cosmetic blogger. Especially if you are a nail artist(ish). Almost everything is liquid. So usually I am not able to reach the products quickly (or never) when the brands relise them. Plus I cant try many boutique or small businesses because usually they dont even ship to my country. So if I put a product in my blog, believe me you can purchase it from almost all of the world. 

I am personally interested in nail art and nail care since forever. Especially when I was still a nail biter. I am still struggling because after all these years, I am still picking my cuticles. 

In my blog I use affordable brands almost always. Even for the essentials! It is all about research. I spend a lot of time discovering brands by google. I even send e-mails and ask for information if I need it. I learned from other blogs that people get paid to say nice things for products. Not reviews, paid good words! I want to say I am not getting paid from any of the brands I mentioned down below. If any brand pays me for something in the future it will be a review not a carnival of lies. These products are used and tested many time by me. I was using some of them even when I had no idea there are bloggers. So this is pure experience.

If you want your manicure to look professional, you need to own some basics. Its not always about abilities. The important thing is, you dont need to spend bags of money. It is 2017. Every country has its own brands on sale. It is important to find multiple items under one brands name. This way, you will pay less for more. All you need to do is research. In this post I am going to write about some affordable brands. Affordable and working as they supposed to be.

Currently I am using Sally Hansen, Burt’s Bees, Flormar and Missha. These four brands are all paraben-free. I know even the Sally Hansen and Burt’s Bees are pricey in some countries. But they are selling their products in stores almost everywhere. I use their products for Nail and Hand Care. You can check out my weekly nail care routine (what a cliche blogger!) Here. If it is pricey in your country and you think it is not worth it. You should check out Flormar and Missha. 

Missha is a South Korean cosmetic brand. Their most strong line is Skin Care but, anything I bought from Missha, even a cotton ball or some nail sticker was amazing! You cant be sorry for purchasing from Missha. Usually their make-up and skin products are a bit pricey. But their Nail Products are very affordable. You can find every single essential item for nails. And they give free product samples with every purchase.

Here are some of the nail essentials I use, 

  • The Style Lucid Nail Care, Pink Pearl Top Coat
  • Self Nail Salon – Care Look, Gel Top Coat

Shimmers are the magical work of Pink Pearl Top Coat. So beautiful it’s impossible to capture the real beauty of it. But the mirrory gloss? It is the Gel Top Coat. I cant let it go. One of the best I’ve ever used.

  • Self Nail Salon – Care Look, Quick Top Coat

You can see this great product in my every nail art post! When I tried this item first time, I used it after 6 coats of polishes. And I said “Meehh”. I cant believe myself! Be reasonable woman! But now I would use it as a wall paint dryer if they sell it in buckets. Thats how good it is.

  • Self Nail Salon – Care Look, Soft Matt Top Coat

I dont have many experience with Matt Top Coats but this will do the work. I made an egg test for you. You know, as in toothpaste commercials? Half of it is matt top coat and the other half is regular polish without top coats.

  • The Style Lucid Nail Care, Glitter-off  Coat
  • Self Nail SalonCare Look, Peel-off Base Coat

They are not glue based! Clear, quick drying bases. Peel-off named is the improved version of Glitter-off. But, in the brands website, they advise to use Glitter-off version if you want to keep the polish for a while.

You can see a Perfect Peel here.

  • Self Nail SalonCare Look, Nail Primer

If you got small bumps or lines like me, you will love this product. I cant even shower without it! It is literally a nail saver. I apply it before vacations so my preciousssssss nails will survive the hard conditions.

    • Self Nail Salon – Care Look, Nail Helper

    This is a light pink, liquid latex product. It becomes clear when its dry. And the most important thing is you can peel it one piece! You can even sponge dab and it wont peel unless you pick it. I definitely loved it! 

        I always buy these items when they are on sale. So they worth approximately 20 Dollars. And they are the bones of my blog and my daily manicure I use for outside of course. These items make everything so much easier and your hands will look professional. 

        Flormar is the most affordable brand mentioned in this post. They dont follow the trends quickly but this is originally a Nail Product Brand. So they got an incredibly wide section of colors, different nail polish lines for many purposes. Prices are between 50 cents to 3 Dollars. Nail Polishes are so good most of them are completely opaque in 1 coat! Thats something you cant see often. And thats how you own many, good quality color options. I use Flormar’s nail polishes almost for all my nail art posts.And good news everyone they sell almost all over the world online. They got great deals from time to time, such as “buy 3 polish, a bottle of acetone is 25 cents” or ” free shipping”.

        I also purchase my nail art tools from Flormar. Reviewed them before. A complete pack is 4 Dollars. If you got this pack you can create designs more easily. You should be patient, once you start with small things your talent will multiply. 

        I am not sharing any link to those brands because it may change for every country. But you can google them and it will bring the ones that sells to your area usually on top of the results. 

        I hope you find this post helpfull. If you got any questions, post or nail art requests, please dont hesitate to contact.

        Bisoux 🦄


        Mani Of The Day / AHOY Sailors! 

        I did a mess and I liked it 🎶 With all my good intentions I tried to create some anchor, sailor design. But I totally forgot That I cant draw straight lines. 

        If you got unsteady hands like me this post may rise hopes because no one will look this  close to your nails. 

        Straight white lines would look great instead of dotting. I dont have any nail stripes so I didnt want to risk it. You can always find a way easier for yourself or convenient for the tools you got. 

        I used the following Nail Polishes in the process 

        I picked up my tiniest dotting tool and dragged the dots. It really needs patience but I managed to create the look.

        Somehow I haven’t managed to take a cat-hairless photo yet. 

        I was so afraid to mess my thumb nail, I didnt even put a top coat on that specific nail. You can recognise the other nails are much more glossy. Thats why you need a good quality top coat. You can see what I use as Peel-off-base/ top/ base coats.

        I hope you like this design! Thanks for stopping by for the shaky nail art! And feel free to make nail art requests.



        Mani Of The Day (Vol.3) / Heart Shaped Nails With Sally Hansen 

        Hello people who googles or tags nail stuff that nobody cares besides us ! The witches who cares too much and creates nail-art !

        I got inspired by the beautiful almond shaped nail owner Polished by Amy. Off course my nails are not in the right shape. But I added some changes to highlight the heart shape.

         Sally Hansen got this nice and life full red shade which is perfect for this design.

        Sally Hansen/ Right Said Red 570

        It is actually easy to create. Just 2 brush strikes ” \ / “ Voila! A beautiful heart!

        I made the small pink hearts with a thin brush. I basically put 3 dots and complete the hole.

        Off course, I used the Missha The Style Peel-off-Base-Coat because it is easier and probably healtier than acetone .I am going to do many more manicures and nail arts so we are gonna need it. It really works great! If you are clumsy like me this means you are going to need a lot of white pages with your designs! 

        A ( also a peel off if you are doing nail art daily) base and a good top coat are essentials, you better find quality products at least for these two.

        What do you think about this little hearts? Is it looking good on square nails too? Because I know you can see the edges of my nails.

        PS: This is Amy’s youtube channel you can watch the original video which ispired me and more here!

        Take care of your hands people!



        Mani of the Day ; Missha / The Stlyle Lucid Nail Polish VL11

        Hey everyone ! 

        You know I love Missha/ The Style nail products. Todays manicure includes a color between lilac and grey.

        I loved the color and the heart shaped bottle. It is easy to apply but I still got lines on my damaged nails. So it needs 3 coats to be completely opac.

        Not in My Blog! Aint nobody got time for that ! 

        I used my The Style Peel-of-Base-Coat & Quick-Dry-Top-Coat for this look. They became essentials in my life. 

        Look at this cap ! So many colors because its holographic! Its not relevant to the polish itself but it looks great ! 

        But, God I hated the smell of this lilac polish ! So strong and it doesnt dissappear.

        Still, I think it looks good. What do you think? Is it worth the smell? 
        Oh the bumpy roads of beautyfying the dead ( but can still absorbe toxics!) parts of your body

        See you soon on The Missha / Sunscreen review!

        Bisoux !


        Missha Gem Stone Glitter and Peel-Off Base Coat Review

        Hello everbody !

        Today I became a patient and sane person and actually wait enough time to let dry my Peel of Base Coat by Missha.

        I used this chance to try my second Missha The Style Nail Polish Gem Stone No.2. Because its damn hard to remove glitter and sparkles with acetone.

        Missha The Style, Gem Stone No.2 & Crystal NP Shocking Pop No.7-Purple

        Its so beautiful ! Heart shaped bottle 💛 Aaaaaaand Giant Glitters !!! But it is actually smaller than the purple one.

        Missha Crystal NP/ Shockin Pop Purple is a more glittery polish, with the tiniest glitters. Its multicolor and the cap is heart shaped  too. But this orange(ish) polish got the biggest mirror / glitter  particules I’ve ever seen. They  are completely different but I loved both. 

        I could’ve use the sponge dabbing technique but I couldnt use the Peel Off Base Coat since it would stick to the base and ruin it. 

        This is how the polish look like after coat applied on Peel Off Base Coat; 

        Nail polish became a bit thick and wet after 3 coats. But I absolutely loved it ! If you apply a colored base under this Gem polish you can create a completely different design every time. 

        I can hear the drums of Peeling time! I used a Quick Dry Top Coat on it. Reasonable drying time for 4 coats under. I usually touch my nail with the tip of my tongue to see if its dry. It doesnt leave a scratch but dont try it too soon. Othervise you may end up licking wet squishy nail polish.

        Finally ! I peeled it with an orange stick easily. It didnt leave any stain on my nails and peeled off in one whole piece. You can still recognise the C curve of my middle nail!

        Its so satisfying isnt it? No acetone, no cotton balls! Great for nail art or tricky polishes like glitter. 

        Which one would you prefer? Orange mirrors or Purple smashed fairies ☺️

        Thanks for visiting me 🦄


        First Missha Base / Top / Peel Off Nail Polishes Review and First Post Ever

        Hi everyone! If you got sensitive nails and skin you are at the right place!
        This is my first Missha order and my first review ever in my life except small chats with my friends. I hope I can be helpfull.

        Missha is a Korean beauty brand. They dont use toxics and Missha is famous with their skin care and BB/ CC products. But, since there are not many options in my country I gave a shot on their Nail Products. 

        This is a new product series of Missha; Self Nail Salon / Care Look . 


        Self Nail Salon / Care Look Line
        • Quick Top Coat ; Juuust a couple minutes (2~). This is average drying time, nothing special, but it is shiny and easy to apply.

        Burgundy nails are “Peel of Base Coat + Quick Top Coat

        Pink nails are ” Primer Base Coat + Quick Top Coat

        • Peel of Base Coat ; Good news everyone ! It is NOT Glue Based ! That means no sticky lies. It just feels like a normal base coat and dries really fast. First rule with base coats: It should bond with the actual nail polish. This is my first clear peel of base coat experience so I may be overrating but It bonds great, easy to apply and I can actually PEEL it with an orange stick. I wait for 10 minutes before peeling it so if you wait longer, it will peel almost with a couple move.

        • Nail Primer ; It is one of the lightly colored well bonding base coats. A real matte primer indeed. If you got small bumps and imperfections on your nails this natural pinky toned base coat will do the job. I am going to use it alone because its hard to tell there is a polish on my nails just a healty tone. As you can see my ring finger nail got a line on it because I was a nail biter ! I am still fighting the urge when I feel stressed. This primer covered it up ! You can still see it but CANT TOUCH THIS 🎶

        Plus,  Missha Self Nail Salon / Care Look line includes a slightly brown based shiny tone if you like your nails as Superstars!