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Mani of The Day / Colors I can’t Really Identify

Hello blog people!

Yes I call you like that in my personal life. But  why not ? I like it.  So todays manicure is one of my usual designs. They are not actually “designs” maybe I should say “combination” instead of design.



I love this Flormar Full Color series because they are actually opaque at one coat of nail polish almost with every color .

You may also find out more about my love of Barielle by the link up there.

PS: I started a new blog about gluten & toxic free life. It will include my diagnosis process , cooking, allergies ( tons of ) , my phobia of leaving the house, toxic free beauty and health issues !

If you want to check it out ;


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How I Ruined My Nails and What To Do Know?

This is not a clickbait ! Yep, they might seem a bit longer than your expectations but when you look them closer you can see how they are so damn thin and …. and … (muffled crying noises) they PEEL !!!!! Everyday I have to file them down. Because they don’t grow longer than this ! Breaking from the corners or peeling unexpectedly!


I broke a nail. Thats how it all started. It was tolerable for a while. But then I got a job which I needed to use keyboard and pencils (like a normal person). So I said to myself why not? Why don’t you file them all down and take a break and give them a fresh start. It will be a great opportunity the start a “how to grow your nails” journey like most of other bloggers.


I did it. I filed them to this length you see in the pictures. It was a month ago. Everything went wrong. You see… I thought I wouldn’t need so much nail oil since I got short nails. I am producing my own nail oil mixture at home. So I got many different oils and brown bottles etc.  I was so lazy about doing a simple mixture which I memorized long ago, I left   my nails to their own destiny.

Well well…. It was a bad decision . I wash my hand a lot cuz I got a dog and 2 cats ,and one of my cats got a skin disease which I need to take care of everyday.


My nails became fragile and they are peeling easily like a bunch of bananas .All those shiny and weird parts are because of peeling. If you are buffing your nails. Please don’t. Do you see how they make your nails shine, the resemblance ? Its because you are literally peeling your own nails !

The small bumps and lines are also the result of dehydration. Lots of soap and water soaking without oiling them creates this kind of paper thin nails. The result may be different depending on your major nail problem. Thats what laziness and not knowing my own body did to me. I am not sure if they are gonna be strong in a reasonable time.

But either way;

From now on you can see my nails growing or not , in front of your eyes ! What a time to be alive!

I will be talking about nail growing more than ever since I am gonna commit myself like hell! Cuz I like them long and natural ( we don’t like acrylic etc nails in my page but we follow them secretly  cuz they look gorgeous, hush…!)

Thank you for not expecting  18+ pictures of smashed nails. Cuz once upon a time it happened to my husband thanks to our angry dog! Not gonna post about it cuz its my show, not his.

Please feel free to contact for any questions comments or post ideas !