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Mani Of The Day / Crystal EleganceĀ 

Good news everyone ! I found a bottle of crystal in my sewing boxes. So todays manicure is very glamorous! 

This is my first mani including those show off fancy crystals, so I kept it simple! I draw the edge lines of the design with the thin regular brush ( No.6) I Reviewed Earlier.

Then I carefully applied The Pink Nail Polish  with its own applicator, without passing the lines I draw before.

I used a regular tweezers to put the crystals on place. It was a good fit as the size, but I am not sure whether it works or not on nail crystals.

As you can see, these crystals are a little big thick. Thats because they are meant to be applied on fabrics. Since I hate crystals on my clothes I am not gonna waste it and use it on my nails cuz they look fabulous!

Hope you like it, Keep in touch!




Nude / Men Will Never Be Able To Tell The Difference !

Hello beautiful people out there ! 

I was re-arrenging my nail polishes and I realised I got exactly 5 different Nude nail polishes. Just enough to paint a full hand!

Nudes are magical colors that only women can see the difference. Maybe I should have hand out special glasses to my male readers?

Sorry about my cat Cheddar’s hair on my nail…
Calm down people ! Everything is in order in this photo ! Thumb nail is number 1 and pinky is 5 .

Nail Polishes I used;

  1. Betty Boop – Cotton Candy 02

        * I fell for the bottle and of course the cute face of Betty Boop. But the opacity is horrible with this one. It keeps getting lines and every polish is applied 2 coats in this experiment except this one. Its 3 ! It peeled of in an hour! What a crime ! Ok ! Ok ! Dont kill Betty ! She had good nail polishes in the past ! Color does not suit well on me of course . Thats another issue. White nudes are not nudes ! Fakers! 

    2.  Deborah Milano – Smalto Effect Gel 03

        * One of my favourite nudes. I use this usually in summer because it looks good on bronzed skin. But it is not nude. More of a pink/ soft rose based color. Easy to apply. Noticible gel effect. Great color. Sometimes even 1 coat is enough to cover it all.

    3. Pastel Nude – Bride 751

       *  I can see the white part of the nail. So its not good. Chipped easily but easy to apply. Another lier white nude.

   4. Pastel Nude – Rose 752

        * Beautiful color! Great nude tone. But has the same problems with the Bride 751

     5. Deborah Milano – Smalto Effect Gel 01 

        * Ahhhhhhh ! My favourite ! Thats why the label faded out. Its the end of the bottle and great for every season.

Deborah’s Gel series is definetly great. 

But the most important thing is finding the perfect tone for your skin. Than you can pick and purchase a good brands polish.

Good Luck šŸ¦„