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Mani Of The Day (Vol.5) / Flormar “No Uv Lamp” Gel System

Hello again my friend!

Did you applied your nail oil after my reminder earlier today? If not, you can apply it while you read my simple but lovely nail art with Flormar / Up To 7 Days, Shine & Color.

I bought this a while ago and forgot it. What a regret!

Flormar, Up To 7 days / 027 / Mythical Tale
This is a 2 step product. But as some of you may know I’ve been using a Peel-off-base-Coat since I start blogging. Because too much acetone obviously damages my precioussss nailllssssss.

  • I applied 2 coats of Step 1 after my usual Peel-off-base-coat. This is the colored polish part of application. 
  • Apply the Step 2. This bottle is some kind of thick, clear, gel top coat. Both polishes dries really fast. Approximately 3 minutes!
  • I use a thin brushes tip to paint the flowers.
  • Apply the same top coat. Not a different kind! I can feel its ingredients and textures are not the same as usual top coats so I wouldnt risk it.

    This color is incredibly beautiful! It suits every season and shines bright like a diamond! I will definitely purchase other colors of this NO UV LAMP series. 

    But, I used a black shade of this product before I do this nail art / review and I can tell you there is no way it lasts Up to 7 Days. You can have 3 shiny un-chipped, perfectly-polished days. And they will look perfect for those 3 days.

    I absolutely recommend this polish if you hate UV Lamps, and craving for that glossy, gel look !

    And The Big Finally!

    It peels so much better if you wait long enough between coats and after the top coat.

    Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch !




    Missha Gem Stone Glitter and Peel-Off Base Coat Review

    Hello everbody !

    Today I became a patient and sane person and actually wait enough time to let dry my Peel of Base Coat by Missha.

    I used this chance to try my second Missha The Style Nail Polish Gem Stone No.2. Because its damn hard to remove glitter and sparkles with acetone.

    Missha The Style, Gem Stone No.2 & Crystal NP Shocking Pop No.7-Purple

    Its so beautiful ! Heart shaped bottle 💛 Aaaaaaand Giant Glitters !!! But it is actually smaller than the purple one.

    Missha Crystal NP/ Shockin Pop Purple is a more glittery polish, with the tiniest glitters. Its multicolor and the cap is heart shaped  too. But this orange(ish) polish got the biggest mirror / glitter  particules I’ve ever seen. They  are completely different but I loved both. 

    I could’ve use the sponge dabbing technique but I couldnt use the Peel Off Base Coat since it would stick to the base and ruin it. 

    This is how the polish look like after coat applied on Peel Off Base Coat; 

    Nail polish became a bit thick and wet after 3 coats. But I absolutely loved it ! If you apply a colored base under this Gem polish you can create a completely different design every time. 

    I can hear the drums of Peeling time! I used a Quick Dry Top Coat on it. Reasonable drying time for 4 coats under. I usually touch my nail with the tip of my tongue to see if its dry. It doesnt leave a scratch but dont try it too soon. Othervise you may end up licking wet squishy nail polish.

    Finally ! I peeled it with an orange stick easily. It didnt leave any stain on my nails and peeled off in one whole piece. You can still recognise the C curve of my middle nail!

    Its so satisfying isnt it? No acetone, no cotton balls! Great for nail art or tricky polishes like glitter. 

    Which one would you prefer? Orange mirrors or Purple smashed fairies ☺️

    Thanks for visiting me 🦄