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Flormar Glitter & Shimmer Nail Polish / Fancy as F! Swatches 

Hello my fabulous readers! As you may have been notice, I was gone for a while but I came back with a great nail polish stock and many ideas ! But today I am going to show off my all fancy side. 

I recently discovered a Turkish brand Flormar. It is the most used common brand in nail salons here. I just never knew they produce more than basics. I also reviewed and loved Flormar Nail Art Tools too.

I got 3 glitter / shimmer nail polishes fancy as hell and I am not afraid to show my womanhood! 

Flormar Glitter / Blackstar – GL 10
No way! They produce great shimmer and they call it Glitter! This should be a crime. But I forgive them because this shimmers are also holographic! Top photo is the first coat of it and the rest is 2 coated. I want to show it under multiple lightenings but the dominant look is represented in the bigger photo.

Flormar Glitter / Multicolor Shine – GL9

Thats actual glitter plus blue shimmers. I applied white and black base coats.You can also see how it does not cover well on my naked nails. 

These nebula colors… I fell in love with them on the first sight but the sticky formula made it impossible to apply multiple coats. You have to use the sponge dabbing technique if you want full coverage . Actually. all glitter included polishes have to be applied with a sponge. I will make a post  about it asap.

Flormar Up To 7 Days Shine & Color / Glamorous Gold DP01

I saved the best for a glorious final. This is a different line of polish from the same brand. I wish I had multiple versions of this. In my opinion it looks better then reel gold. Best part is , it includes glitter and shimmer together. This polish creates a fairy fleaky look which I will use very often, obviously. 

Even the bottle looks like a potion stolen from a fairy tale. You know what? I suddenly felt richer. 

Can you believe I only applied 2 thin coats. I didnt even bother to pick glitters with my brush. On my index finger nail I didnt use a base coat so you can see how efficient the nail polish is. This is definitely my favorite. 

You can shop internationally from the brands website ; http://www.flormar.com

The brand does not sponsor me. I strongly recommend this brand with my own free will. They dont use toxic products such as paraben and versions of it. Their prices are incredibly low compared to the product quality. Actually the prices are madly low. Because you see 1 American Dollar worths approximately 3,5 Turkish Liras. And this is a Turkish brand ( started as a German brand, bought by a company from Turkey in 80’s). 

What do you think about these nail polishes ? Which one is your favorite ? Tell me about it so I can decide what I am going to purchase and review next! 

Thank you for stopping by ! I will be posting 3-4 times in a week like I used to, so keep in touch if you got any questions or nail art/ product review requests.



Mani Of The Night / Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish

First day of the week is hard maybe but what about night? Can it be cute?

Slap The Bass by Wet n Wild

  • I apply a Peel-off-base-coat / base-coat. Because glitter is a beauty which is very hard to get rid off later.
  • 2 coats of regular black polish
  • Only 1 coat of glitter
  • And for the ring finger and thumb nail I draw the figures with a thin brush by simply connecting dots! 
  • Apply glossy top coat for final touch.

    Missha Gem Stone Glitter and Peel-Off Base Coat Review

    Hello everbody !

    Today I became a patient and sane person and actually wait enough time to let dry my Peel of Base Coat by Missha.

    I used this chance to try my second Missha The Style Nail Polish Gem Stone No.2. Because its damn hard to remove glitter and sparkles with acetone.

    Missha The Style, Gem Stone No.2 & Crystal NP Shocking Pop No.7-Purple

    Its so beautiful ! Heart shaped bottle 💛 Aaaaaaand Giant Glitters !!! But it is actually smaller than the purple one.

    Missha Crystal NP/ Shockin Pop Purple is a more glittery polish, with the tiniest glitters. Its multicolor and the cap is heart shaped  too. But this orange(ish) polish got the biggest mirror / glitter  particules I’ve ever seen. They  are completely different but I loved both. 

    I could’ve use the sponge dabbing technique but I couldnt use the Peel Off Base Coat since it would stick to the base and ruin it. 

    This is how the polish look like after coat applied on Peel Off Base Coat; 

    Nail polish became a bit thick and wet after 3 coats. But I absolutely loved it ! If you apply a colored base under this Gem polish you can create a completely different design every time. 

    I can hear the drums of Peeling time! I used a Quick Dry Top Coat on it. Reasonable drying time for 4 coats under. I usually touch my nail with the tip of my tongue to see if its dry. It doesnt leave a scratch but dont try it too soon. Othervise you may end up licking wet squishy nail polish.

    Finally ! I peeled it with an orange stick easily. It didnt leave any stain on my nails and peeled off in one whole piece. You can still recognise the C curve of my middle nail!

    Its so satisfying isnt it? No acetone, no cotton balls! Great for nail art or tricky polishes like glitter. 

    Which one would you prefer? Orange mirrors or Purple smashed fairies ☺️

    Thanks for visiting me 🦄


    Broken Nail Situations / No no’s on vacation

    IT HAPPENED ! I broke a nail just the week I start blogging!

    Thank god its my right hand. Thats why the photo  is a bit blurry. Ssssshhhh! Thats the one you may not see often. Because she is a functioning member of working class. Not like the sloppy, half ass working, drunk  and attention wh*re LEFT hand. But she is the fancy one what was I supposed to do ? 

    Lost Labour 

    Last weekend my husband and I took our Malteese Terriere  Toby and went to Mount  Ida in order to visit my parents. This was Tobys longest car ride ever. He loved it bu he tought we were riding  a self moving couch . So he kept trying to climb on my husbands lap who is driving. Thats how I lost a dearest nail….

    There is still glitter on my nails I didnt use my Missha The Style Peel of Base Coat because I was going on a holiday and I wanted my manicure to last even  longer than usual.

    • MISTAKE ! Never put glitter on vacation ! If it chips, You cant remove it easily  in a hotel room with a small piece of coton !
    • Use a nude or clear nail polish if you are going to swim or shower more than once in a day.
    • Take your nail / cuticule oils , hand cream with you ! Because of water soaking your C Curves are gonna bend like a belly dancer ! Use it ! Yes ! Dont throw it in your suitcase and let them dry like desert !
    • If you are planning an event which needs your nails as workshops or sports. If there is even a small chance of chipping File them Before attending the activity. That way they dont break uncontrollably. 


    Anyway, I filed my nail down. But I will keep blogging about my cute and useless hand. We will call my left hand “Bambi” from now on! 

    I was going to do the Naked Nails Challenge of Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil as soon as I receive my order anyway. And that requires some file down and manicure. 

    Thanks for joining me complaining ! Treat your nails good everyone !