Mani Of The Day (Vol.5) / Flormar “No Uv Lamp” Gel System

Hello again my friend!

Did you applied your nail oil after my reminder earlier today? If not, you can apply it while you read my simple but lovely nail art with Flormar / Up To 7 Days, Shine & Color.

I bought this a while ago and forgot it. What a regret!

Flormar, Up To 7 days / 027 / Mythical Tale
This is a 2 step product. But as some of you may know I’ve been using a Peel-off-base-Coat since I start blogging. Because too much acetone obviously damages my precioussss nailllssssss.

  • I applied 2 coats of Step 1 after my usual Peel-off-base-coat. This is the colored polish part of application. 
  • Apply the Step 2. This bottle is some kind of thick, clear, gel top coat. Both polishes dries really fast. Approximately 3 minutes!
  • I use a thin brushes tip to paint the flowers.
  • Apply the same top coat. Not a different kind! I can feel its ingredients and textures are not the same as usual top coats so I wouldnt risk it.

    This color is incredibly beautiful! It suits every season and shines bright like a diamond! I will definitely purchase other colors of this NO UV LAMP series. 

    But, I used a black shade of this product before I do this nail art / review and I can tell you there is no way it lasts Up to 7 Days. You can have 3 shiny un-chipped, perfectly-polished days. And they will look perfect for those 3 days.

    I absolutely recommend this polish if you hate UV Lamps, and craving for that glossy, gel look !

    And The Big Finally!

    It peels so much better if you wait long enough between coats and after the top coat.

    Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch !



    Dont Forget To Oil Your Nails!

    Hello everyone! 

    I know this is not actually a long post but take it as an announcement. I will do this kind of scheduled memos in my Instagram account because we all forget to do so such things in the chaos of our daily routine. 

    Oil is the most important product in nail care. This way your nails will bend instead of cracking. Any kind of moisturizer will work on cuticles but you should find the most sebum likely oil for your nails to soak.It can be “jojoba” or “olive oil” based. 

    Thats how I keep my nails long! And I got a dog, a cat, a non-cooking husband. Also I paint and sew. These are hard work on nails. I watersoak my hands too much because of all of these factors. But as you can see they look long and at least acceptable! 

     You can find me as “maniwitch”.

    Ps: I would love to hear from you. You can make request for “Mani of the day” subject and I promise I will do my best to achieve! Also I will be happy to answer any kind of questions or nail emergencies!



    Mani of the Day (Vol.4)

    Hello with the fourth of my dail nail art / mani!

    I loved so much the Sally Hansen’s Red Polish I decided to do another red included manicure.

    I used my thin brush and some toothpick to paint the dots, hearts and the bow.

    And of course I apply A Peel-off-base-coat before I struggle to create this simple design. Sorry about the black polish on the edge of my thumb nail. I didnt see that until I appload it. I usually use a brush or toothpick for cleaning too!

    I like to look at peeled polish. Because why not?  But I should’ve wait more for a better quality peel-porn. 

    I hope you like it ! You can make nail art request by instagram, mail or simply by the comment section!

    I would love to hear from you.



    Mani Of The Night / Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish

    First day of the week is hard maybe but what about night? Can it be cute?

    Slap The Bass by Wet n Wild

    • I apply a Peel-off-base-coat / base-coat. Because glitter is a beauty which is very hard to get rid off later.
    • 2 coats of regular black polish
    • Only 1 coat of glitter
    • And for the ring finger and thumb nail I draw the figures with a thin brush by simply connecting dots! 
    • Apply glossy top coat for final touch.

      Mani Of The Day (Vol.3) / Heart Shaped Nails With Sally Hansen 

      Hello people who googles or tags nail stuff that nobody cares besides us ! The witches who cares too much and creates nail-art !

      I got inspired by the beautiful almond shaped nail owner Polished by Amy. Off course my nails are not in the right shape. But I added some changes to highlight the heart shape.

       Sally Hansen got this nice and life full red shade which is perfect for this design.

      Sally Hansen/ Right Said Red 570

      It is actually easy to create. Just 2 brush strikes ” \ / “ Voila! A beautiful heart!

      I made the small pink hearts with a thin brush. I basically put 3 dots and complete the hole.

      Off course, I used the Missha The Style Peel-off-Base-Coat because it is easier and probably healtier than acetone .I am going to do many more manicures and nail arts so we are gonna need it. It really works great! If you are clumsy like me this means you are going to need a lot of white pages with your designs! 

      A ( also a peel off if you are doing nail art daily) base and a good top coat are essentials, you better find quality products at least for these two.

      What do you think about this little hearts? Is it looking good on square nails too? Because I know you can see the edges of my nails.

      PS: This is Amy’s youtube channel you can watch the original video which ispired me and more here!

      Take care of your hands people!



      Mani of the Day (Vol.2) / Sally Hansen Nail Strips

      Today I got Sally Hansen,Salon Effects, Real Nail Polish Strips.

      There are 16 strips in the package but I used a set for some nail art before ,so I got 9 here.But hey I still dont have a tripod so we only need 5 to look fabulous on camera! They came in 2 seperated, sealed packages. If you open it you have to use it because they dry after air gets in. I had a left over polish outside of the sealed package it was like a stone and break into dust.

      • Peel the top ,
      • Peel the bottom with metallic small handle
      • Hold it from the tip ( Its not too sticky so very easy to apply)
      • Put it on your nail slow and carefully! You can move it a bit after you put it but you can guess your limits once you touch it!
      • Use the short orange stick which came in the box to cut the excess parts.
      • Finally file the grains of polish with the small file in the box.

      Apply Top Coat to set it! 

        I can use this for short  time wearing! If you dont have the time to do some nail art these stripes are exceptional. It can last up to 2 days if you apply it smooth and properly.

        Have a wonderful weekend!



        Mani of the Day ; Missha / The Stlyle Lucid Nail Polish VL11

        Hey everyone ! 

        You know I love Missha/ The Style nail products. Todays manicure includes a color between lilac and grey.

        I loved the color and the heart shaped bottle. It is easy to apply but I still got lines on my damaged nails. So it needs 3 coats to be completely opac.

        Not in My Blog! Aint nobody got time for that ! 

        I used my The Style Peel-of-Base-Coat & Quick-Dry-Top-Coat for this look. They became essentials in my life. 

        Look at this cap ! So many colors because its holographic! Its not relevant to the polish itself but it looks great ! 

        But, God I hated the smell of this lilac polish ! So strong and it doesnt dissappear.

        Still, I think it looks good. What do you think? Is it worth the smell? 
        Oh the bumpy roads of beautyfying the dead ( but can still absorbe toxics!) parts of your body

        See you soon on The Missha / Sunscreen review!

        Bisoux !


        Nail Care Routine / Summer Damages Repaired 

        Nice to be here again ! This blog seriously started to grow on me. I actually need to write and share what I do daily. If you read my Summer&Nature Challenge post, you may have seen The Aftermath too. 

        So now I am back home and ready to take care of all! I am going to use this chance to show you my weekly routine. 

        Here, all of my  products I currently use for my weekly, intense nail/hand care routine;

        I usually do my nail care on Mondays because thats when the house is getting cleaned and we give a bath to our dog Toby. When its all done its my turn to do some magic !

        Cuticule Products I Use Currently
        I usually start with Burt’s Bees / Lemon Butter Cuticule Cream.  As you can see it looks like a soft wax, and it smells like sweet lemons. Awesome! I usually rub it and use a silicone cuticule pusher or a wood orange stick to push my cuticules gently. I dont use metal tools because they may leave marks on the nail if I use too much force with them.

        I am sure you are curious about why I didnt start with Sally Hansen / Instant Cuticule Remover. Because its basically damaging the fibers of nail while dissolving your cuticules! You should use it only for your stubborn cuticules. If my hand had a rough week such as too much water soaking or not using enough oil, I apply the Cuticule Remover. It is important you dont let it stay on your nails more than 2 minutes. You should wash it immediately.

        The Tools I Use For Manicure
        After my nails soak the Cuticule Cream. I file down but I never cut them ! Cutting your nails may cause sudden cracks! Really bad cracks. 

        Some people sacrifice all of their fingers when one of them is barely damaged. Not in my blog. We dont give up on our nails till its too late or almost impossible to rescue ! So I use the Cuticule Cream Before I file them. It reduces the damage on nail fibers  caused by the nail files. I filed some of the corners and little cracks I  told you about Here with Heartbrokin Photos before. Thank god they were not beyond repair. 

        That blue brush is mostly unnecessary. I use it when I have to file my nails too much. The nail dust piles up a lot like snow with a weird smell.

        Than I wash my hands and I apply A lot of Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticule Oil. I apply it especially under my nails. My C curves are very strong and oil really helps a lot. I have been using this brands oil since 2 years. Not because its better than others. Simply because its easy to access in every pharmacie and make up store. 

        Some of you may remember my Long Search & Lost Hope Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil  adventure. 

        Now I decided to make my own nail oil . I will write about it in the next weeks.

        I let my nails and cuticules to absorbe the oil. Than I use this Mineral Salty Mani & Pedi Scrub. It is lemon based too. But it is a local product, so local even I am not able find it again yet. I scrub my nails, cuticules and my hands too. Rinse it with warm water beacuse its oily and your hand hands will remain oily if you use cold water.

        After all my nails become soooo smooth! I use my Missha The Style Nail Primer currently. Before that I was using Sally Hansen‘s clear Miracle Grow product. I love it ! So shiny and it really works ! It doesnt make the nails hard and make them breakable. It lets them to bend instead of cracking ! But it peels of in a couple hours especially if your C curves are strong. Multiple layers applied on it makes it easier to peel with a small scratch. 

        Ps: I dont use acetone based polish removers because it makes my nails dry. This is one of Missha‘s nail polish removers without acetone. It works and smells good. But I buy my remover from almost any brand.

        Except this Once a Week Treatement ; Once in a week I apply hand cream and put cotton gloves on my hands I sleep with them. It really helps the hands and cuticules.

        I always use hand cream a couple times in a day. I use oil as much as I can too. Burt’s Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Hand Salve are my purse products for everyday. Warning; Hand Salve includes menthole. The smell is very strong.

        I apply the adorable one with the cow / Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream during my cotton gloves routine. It is heavy and almost heavy like frozen creamy milk and wax ! Like its promised ! I love Burt’s and Bees products !

        What do you think about these products I use ? Do you have any recommendations for Nail Oil? 

        Thanks for stopping by ! 



        Nail Primer vs Nature Day 3

        Hello everyone ! I really missed you because I lost a couple nails. 

        Its totally normal ! Im showing you these because we are all human and living is obviously more important than nails ! 

        You may take care of them very good but they may break again

        Those beauty gurus have  pimples too! 

        Anyway my nails…

        It is not going well ! Definetly not !

        But it is not beyond repair. Today I was at mountains. Barbeque and sweet water of the waterfall and lake almost killed them !

        Ring finger nail

        This nail was expected. It snapped right by its weak spot. My C curve is strong with this one. Thats why I usually lost these ones.

        Thumb Nail

        Not the nail but my cuticules gone crazy on my thumbs !

        Solution; Oil! Oil! Oil! 

        Ring Finger (The Other One)

        Traitors ! Gonna file them to death when Im back ! I lost an actual slice of nail ! A thin piece just peeled of and I had to cut it .
        Thumb and index cuticule

        Oh the horrible cuticule ! Almost meat !  I didnt bring any oil to a 0 degree waterfall that I m gonna go full Russian and swim in it ! 

        Sooooo the damage is on the table !

        Lets see whats it gonna be ! I still got 2 more days !