Mani Of The Day / Coffee Nail Art

Hello guys, it was a windy and dark day so I was able to drink some hot, nice coffee. It is sooo hot out there and I kinda miss winter. No, I lied. I am just a normal person sick of the humidity. Who would choose a pair of uggs over summer dresses?

I hope you like it ! Especially Australians under snow right now !

I am currently using a Nail Art Equipment by Flormar.  

You dont need many colors to create nail art! And dotting is the most important thing we got in nail art! Usually I just connect the dots like I am 5! You can recognize them in close-up.

I always use a peel of base coat for my nail ar sessions because acetone damages nails beyond our wildest guesses! Slnce I do a lot of swatches and nail art I had to reduce the amount of acetone I use. If you put an acetone soaked cotton ball on a plastic surface you can even see bubbles of plastics. (Dont try this at home, or do it! Just to satisfy your curiosity).

I was not patient enough because I missed blogging . So it is not a perfect Peel, but hey! Who I am I to judge a rituel mesmerizing as hell? 

Feel free to throw tomatoes in the comment section ! Or you can always make a nail art request! 




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