Flormar Nail Art Tool & Brush Review and Some Mess I Made

Hello good people out there! I know you are good because I am sure you are gonna forgive my so called “nail art”.

I bought a Nail Art Tool Kit from Flormar. It is a non toxic good brand which specializes on nail products. They also produce make up products lately but I didnt try them yet. But every single nail salon in my country uses this brand if the salon is not a luxury one.

  1. The game changer cleaner. It is an angled brush which is very effective on cleaning nail polish remains from cuticules! Sorry I missed the middle finger.
  2. The small dotting tool. This is an essential item for nai art. Sure you can use a bobby pin but it is very affordable, easy to clean and you can manage painting small detail with this tool. I used this to create the flowers on my middle and pinky nails.
  3. A line brush.  Consumers are supposed to use this for long lines but I didnt like it. It doesnt hold the polish well and it is not easy to control the movement of this thin, long brush. The lines one my middle and pinky nails are made with this item.
  4. This is a fan brush. It is meant to be used for shimmer, glitter and powder products. But as you can see on my thumb nail. I used it to create a double sided design.
  5. I dont know what this is called but this brush is perfect for creating a texture by stamping it on the nail. I dont use the tip of course for this sort of effects, I use its side by pressing it. You can see the texture on my index and ring nail. I made some ugly pedals I guess.
  6. A simple thin brush to draw anything! I loved it! I used it to paint the white parts of the pedal on my ring finger nail. It created a more dimensioned flower.

    This is my second attempt with the tools. I tried to create a painting here. Each nail is a part of a single image. I promise I will develop my skills and sorry about some messes I made.

    Oooh! I can still see the little house and the clouds! It is not a perfect peel because the white polish I use as the base, is not a good quality product.

    And additionally I wanted to share the napkin I used during the creation of this nail art. I dont know I just liked it!

    Thanks for reading me!

    Dont be shy, contact me! Make a request or write just to be friends!




    7 thoughts on “Flormar Nail Art Tool & Brush Review and Some Mess I Made

      1. So embarrassed like a damn little kid ☺️ because I wasn’t expecting these compliments! Thank you so much I got some self confidence issues with my hands since I was a nail biter.Happy to meet you too ☺️

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        1. Thank you so much I promise I will improve my skills immediately 💅🏻 Its been 10 years since I quit nail biting. But I kept picking my cuticles. Its an ongoing struggle but oil is my secret. Even my nail bed gone wider a little bit. I still got abnormalities on some of my nails. But its all about trying over and over again being a b*tch and not quitting.😂

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        2. AAh I just send you and email to ask these questions again. You can ignore that in the email lol. Is it nail oil that you used? Sorry if the term is wrong, I’m still learning about nail art. I wana be a bitch too 😉

          Liked by 1 person

        3. I sent you a e mail but I have to write it here in case someone gets curious.It is a nail oil I mixed myself but there are many on the market. I will make a detailed post focusing on nail oils on the market in the next week.

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